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Glyme Hall Terms And Conditions

1.) The Hirer (or the authorised representative) will be present during the hiring and will comply fully with Glyme Hall’s T’s & C’s. 


2.) The Hirer or authorised person will be responsible for the unlock and lock up of Glyme Hall. 


3.) To abide by Glyme Hall’s standard T’s & C’s of Hire, together with any additional Conditions of Hire that form part of the individual hire agreement.  Glyme Hall Ltd shall provide such Conditions in writing. 


4.) None of the provisions contained in Glyme Hall’s T’s & C’s of Hire is intended to or will operate to confer any benefit pursuant to the Contracts  (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 on a person who is not named as a party to  Glyme Hall’s Terms and Conditions of Hire. 


5.) To clear up after their event by ensuring that the floor is tidy and clean,  returning all furniture/equipment to its usual and proper position. There are recycling facilities on site, therefore please recycle your items by placing in the appropriate bin. Place all other waste in the large bin in the external, fenced enclosure; or if the bins are full take it away. Glyme Hall reserves the right to retain £20 from the security deposit to be used as cleaning costs if the hall is not left satisfactory. 


6.) All electrical equipment owned/used by the Hirer must be PAT tested  (Portable Appliance Testing) prior to use at Glyme Hall Ltd.  


7.) To strictly observe the times stipulated on the Booking Form, which must include both setting up and clearing away. 


8.) The Hirer and all other persons attending the event shall take good care of  Glyme Hall Ltd’s property, furniture and fittings. Glyme Hall is a shared user venue, consideration of other users is essential. 


9.) An evening event must finish and Glyme Hall vacated by 24.00; the patio/ garden areas must not be used after 23.30, and Hirers and guests must quietly leave the premises to (a) comply with Glyme Hall’s Premises License and (b)  ensure that neighbours are not disturbed. 


10.) Food and drink served on Glyme Hall Ltd’s premises are the responsibility of the Hirer. 


11.) No naked flames are allowed inside Glyme Hall Ltd. 


12.) No smoke machines are allowed inside Glyme Hall Ltd. 


13.) Any incident such as fire, injury, or the intruder alarm being set off accidentally, that occurs during the Hirer’s occupancy of Glyme Hall Ltd must be immediately reported to either the Hall Manager or a couple of more accessible members of the committee whose numbers can be located on the exterior notice board.  


14.) Should power failure or any natural/meteorological occurrence interrupt the Hirer’s event, Glyme Hall Ltd will not be held responsible and no refund of the hire charge will be made. 


15.) Fire extinguishers must remain in position at all times except in case of fire. Under no circumstances should fire extinguishers be used to prop open doors. Door wedges are provided for this purpose. 


16.) If necessary, Hirer’s will be provided with a key to the main door. In the event of non-return of the key, Glyme Hall Ltd reserves the right to retain the  Hirer’s £50 deposit. 


17.) Failure of multiple-use hirers to attend for two or more booked sessions,  without informing Glyme Hall Ltd, will result in automatic cancellation of any further bookings for that space. 


18.) Glyme Hall Management Committee reserves the right for any nominated person to enter a Hirer’s room at any time should it be deemed necessary. 


19.) Cancellation charges will apply as follows: 


20.) Prior to the date of hire Charge 

30 days or more prior to the date of hire no charge 

8 - 29 days prior to the date of hire 25%, hire charge 3 - 7 days prior to the date of hire 50%, hire charge  2 days or less prior to the date of hire 100%, hire charge 


21.) Multiple-use hirers are required to give one term’s notice of cancellations or changes to the schedule. This timescale may be relaxed if Glyme Hall is able to re-let the space. 


22.) Glyme Hall Ltd reserves the right to cancel any booking and give two weeks’ notice if there are significant works needed to be done to the building.  


23.) Glyme Hall Ltd is licensed for the following activities in accordance with  Schedule 12 Part A of the Licensing Act 2003. 

Plays, Films, Indoor sporting events, Live Music, Recorded Music, Dancing  


24.) Any Hirer wishing to sell alcohol during their period of hire is advised to apply to West Oxfordshire District Council for a Temporary Event Notice and adhere to the Terms and Conditions within that notice. If an outside agency is used to serve the alcohol it is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that the outside agency has the correct licensing permission in place. 


25.) For reasons of cleanliness and hygiene, strictly no pushchairs, wheelchairs or dogs are allowed in the hall, unless for reasons of disability. 


26.) For reasons of health and safety, strictly no children are allowed in the kitchen area. 


27.) No children under 10 years of age are permitted in the Small Meeting room without a parent or guardian. 


28.) No food or drink should be consumed in the Small Meeting Room. 


29.) The pool table is not permitted to be moved, it is incredibly heavy and will likely harm the person or persons moving it as well as possible damage to the table. 


30.) Glyme Hall Ltd reserves its right to amend the T’s and C’s if and when applicable and with short notice if that is what is required. 


31.) Glyme Hall requires an up to date copy of the hirers Public Liability insurance. Without it, the booking(s) can and will be cancelled. A photocopy will be enough. 


32.) Long term hirers will have their £50 damage deposit paid into a holding account as cheques have a dated life span. The deposit will be returned to the hirer at the end of their time at Glyme Hall. 

If there was to be an incident which would cause the loss of the damage deposit, another damage deposit must be paid to continue hiring the desired space at Glyme Hall Ltd. 


33.) Hirers are reminded that they are responsible for their own health & safety and for the health & safety of anyone affected by their activities.  


Thank you, 

Addendum to Glyme Hall’s Terms and Conditions

1st December 2020 - The Trustees have agreed to a limited re-opening of Glyme Hall with the following conditions which must be strictly observed:- 

1) The rules that were laid down by the Trustees at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic ie distancing/sanitising hands/  wearing of masks / one-way system and the cleaning of the facilities etc must be adhered to by the User/Renter and also by their clients. 

2) In addition to the above the User/Renter and their clients must adhere to the rules and regulations covering exercise/ community hall etc that have been laid down by the central and local government and it is their obligation to advise the Trustees if any alterations to 1) above should be made to ensure the continued safe usage of the hall. If the authorities (ie police/local government inspectors etc ) should find fault in the way the User/Renter is using the hall then any consequences including but not limited to any fines levied by authorities will be exclusively for the account of the User/Renter.  


Thank you,


The Glyme Hall Committee 



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